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pretty much everything is drag to the apps folder. If the install is just the application itself its easy. usually if its a folder with readmes and other info i will drag the entire folder. some programs say double click to install others say drag. they both do the same thing, only one does it for you.

You can set it to automatically check for updates but she would have to click the install button...not much too it, however. im sure she wouldnt be confused if you just showed her once. on the apple store, Tiger is priced at not sure if there is an upgrade option but for the regular, os in a box its 129 so expect something around that.

for your last question...yes, yes and YES! You can change almost anything about the dock including making it larger. In fact many, many people (younger and with better eyesight im sure) find the dock to be too big and one of the first things they do is to make it smaller. just go to system preferences and click on dock to adjust it.

Back to auto update, ill let somebody else who is more sure answer that, but i am pretty sure you do have to click the install button yourself. Hope this helped you some!

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