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Well, if the title doesn't say enough today me and my mother ordered a 17 inch iMac for my grandmother who after 5 hours of wondering around Fry's Electronics yesterday and confusing her with just about everything technical about everything computers (Windows and Mac) she decided on the iMac.

Now, having never actually owned, but spent numerous hours on at stores, a Mac this is going to be a learning curve for me as well. I have the basics down, but I have yet to really be able to install things and so forth. Now I've read in previous threads that there are multiple ways to install things, and not all things are just "drag to the apps folder". So I guess in short how will I know which way to install something?

We're going to order her a geneology (sp?) program, which I've already found, which I'm going to guess is going to have to be installed one of the other two ways. Past that, I have to get her accustom to clicking on Safari instead of looking for the Internet Explorer "e". I need to look up an old thread I have in here which has links to free Solitaire games, which I'm guessing will be "drag to the apps folder" installs.

I guess moving on to the real questions, updating Macs. First, can I set it to auto update as in my grandmother doesn't even know it's going on? That would be great, simply because she doesn't know anything about windows in the first place and she runs Windows 98' on her computer now. Also, when Leopard comes out how much is it going to cost to update? My mother is happy with knowing that we can dual boot Windows if we need to, though she agrees my grandmother will just be as confused with XP as she would be with OS X (as she is confused with Windows 98' still), but I have explained to her that boot camp is a beta and will eventually "end" and the full version will then be in Leopard.

One last important question, alright so my grandmother is basicly 80 something and rather blind... can I make the main bar larger? She has to really squint to see it, but she can see it. I'm sure she'll get use to it after a while but it'd be great if I could do this for her. The rest I already know how to blow up the words, the icons, and so on and so forth but the menu I can't change. I figure that you probably can't as even in Windows you can't that I know of, only Linux from my experiences, but I figure I'd ask.

I don't really expect problems, but I do know that they can occure. I've learned a lot just messing around with them at stores but there are those things you just can't do. I just need the computer to take care of itself, which is why we decided on the Apple computer pretty much before taking my Grandmother to the store. I can set everything up for her but I'm not going to be around to update and take care of it for her and no matter how many times I explain it she wont understand it so I just need the computer to do that for itself as much as possible.

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