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I recently posted a question about mac hardware support. Thanks for the answers. Now I would like to know more about the division between intel and power pc on the mac world.

Specifically, I am a free software developer. I am one of the developers the Virtual Magnifying Glass ( ), created with the Free Pascal Compiler, and I would like to port it to Mac OS X.

I donīt have money to buy 2 computers, so which ever I buy (x86 or powerpc) will receive much more attention and will be a product of much more quality. As Mac users, which one do you consider more relevant to have better support?

More clearly, should I buy a intel Mac or a Power PC Mac to do software development?

Also, Macs are quite hard to find here in Brazil, so I donīt have access to other Macs to test, and more importantly debug. In this case, whichever platform I buy will have a much more tested release, and receive more attention.

I can imagine power pc probably has much more users right now, but how long would it take for this to reverse we see more intel users?


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