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Originally Posted by Chundermuffin
Edit 2: Out of curiosity, how do you know your XP installation doesn't have spyware or viruses if you don't use any antispyware/-virus programs? Firefox is awesome but not immune to everything.
Pretty much I run TrendMicro's Housecall everty once and a while and nothing ever turns up. Plus it ids actually very easy to keep your Windows pc clean if you use common sense. The only thing you get by just being on the internet is worms which a firewall/router will block. Everything else is a matter of being smart and not clicking "OK" or going to shady sites. In fact, I have actually heard that most security experts run their systems 'naked' like I do. Not to say I am a security expert cause I'm not, but a few good programs and a little common sense go a long way.
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