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So, I need a little more. I posted a similar topic over at Notebook Review, and some of the comments were rather harsh. Basically, I understand that people don't post on forums because they have a good experience. So, I just want to be sure thta the odds are in my favor that I will get a good one.

Also, I have zero problems with Windows XP. I keep my secure thru habits. I do not use anti-virus, anti-spyware, etc. I have a hardware firewall(router) and use firefox and thunderbird. I have had NO viruses or spyware to date on this machine (nearly 3 yrs old). So, I am not going to Mac because I am fed up with Windows security per se. I want to switch because I want a better overall experience. Am I gonna be dissapointed? What features will realy blow me away? Any? I really like what I have seen of iLife in the store.

One more thing. I thought I heard that you can right click using the touchpad somehow? BTW, i really prefer 2finger scrolling too. I am excited, just get me over the hump!
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