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Heyo, I'm in pretty much the same boat as you. I incidentally put off buying a Macbook Pro - mostly because I was still gathering funds, but can afford it now. My view is that the issues are not as widespread as you may believe. There are teething problems with any new thing and this has been no exception. However, they've been out for nearly five months now, undergone a couple of minor revisions and they seem pretty sweet. I plan on getting Applecare as well, but remember you don't have to get it straight away (you can get it anytime within your initial 12-month warranty). As such I'm not terribly concerned about getting a machine with faults at this stage.

Like you, I'll be switching, but running XP through Boot Camp for games, and most likely Office, at least until it becomes universal (but will check out iWork). Just about everything else I use on XP has a Mac equivalent.

So in summary:
-Issues under control
-Get Applecare (even if not straight away)
-You won't regret it!

Hope that helps you.
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