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Mac Mini Intel Dual Core w/ 2 GB of RAM and a BENQ FP202W connected to it

Short: I love it !

Everything is so easy and the UI is very intuitive (I yet have to get used to this simple way of thinking *g*)

Installing Windows in Parallels Workstation, Copying 40.000 Images over a nnetwork, Importing 1500 Songs into iTunes, 7 simultaneous downloads (all at the same time!) and my mini is responsive as it would just do nothing!

Data migration was no problem at all (except for a few thousand mails that I had to "transfer" using an IMAP account.

The only "gotcha" is that i sometimes still press APPLE-Q for the "@" ... which of course closes the currennt application.

Rosetta-apps like MS Mac Office and Photoshop run smothely (just like on my former Windows machine).

In 2-3 Months I will buy one of those new MacBooks for my mobile needs
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