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New Braunfels...nice...

Well my wife and I talked about it, our computing needs (office, email, web, photos, video, itunes, DVD burner) and our personal home needs (portability, maximizing home office space, neat appearance) and I think we have decided that the 2.0GHz Macbook with standard RAM will do the trick. I will buy RAM online and install myself...$250 for 2GB seems like a good deal and should prevent the shared video from sucking away any resources.

The iMac is also a great price but we want something portable. If we need more computing power in the future or a better video capability the iMac may be calling us. Until then I think the Macbook will be fine and when CS3 runs natively I expect it to work quite well.

Thanks for listening to me rant. Time to move back to Apple :-) I actually miss my Apple //c, is that wrong?
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