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my main concern is programs not working on a macbook, although someone told me about something called rosetta, which from what i can tell, means most things will work on an intel-based computer? except for some pro software or something, which i doubt i'd ever have to use anyway.
it'll depend what software they want us to use at uni for the rest of the degree, but so far we've used things like dreamweaver, photoshop, flash, director, imovie and garage band. obviously imovie and garage band would (they'd come with it, right?), but would the other programs work on a macbook? next semester i'm doing an audio elective, at the moment we're using garage band but i'm sure we'll use something different next semester, something more sophisticated.
but pretty much i think i'd be using a lot of macromedia software, probably a fair bit of adobe as well. how well would adobe programs fair on a macbook?
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