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what a crazy world we live in!
i had a chat with an apple sales assistant guy today, brought up my concerns, asked questions etc. he reckons that for me at the moment a powerbook would be the best, what with the whole intel chip not being compatible with a bunch of software. he says the advantage of the macbook (pro) is that in a year or so it'll be really good, but for the moment i'd be a lot better off with a powerbook. i asked if that means that in a year a powerbook will be superfluous, he told me that any new software would still run on it, just not as well as it would on something with the intel chip. maybe i was just happy to talk to someone who wasn't trying to convince me that i desperately need the newest and most expensive model out there, but at the moment i think i'm leaning towards maybe a 15" powerbook.
what do you think?
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