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kaidomac is just really nicekaidomac is just really nicekaidomac is just really nicekaidomac is just really nice
Mac Specs: G4 Cube

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I ran out of room in this post. Please visit the new version on my website here:

MacBook @ Apple ($1099, $1299, $1499)
* Student discount base prices: $1049, $1199, $1399; select school online at Apple or bring in proof of enrollment into an Apple store to obtain the discount
MacBook @ Macmall (After rebates: $1044, $1219, $1349, all with free printer)
* Free printer is an HP Deskjet 5740; requires a mail-in rebate with purchase of laptop

Ram upgrades: The MacBook can take a maximum of 2 gigs of ram (2 x 1gb). They are user-replaceable; both slots are located under the laptop. You have to remove the battery to gain access, see this article: Memory installation tutorial. Here are a couple good aftermarket ram upgrades: (for much cheaper than Apple's $500 upgrade offering)

$160 for 2 gigs of Patriot (sold as a pair) @ Outpost

$166 for 2 gigs ($83 per gig) of Transcend @ Newegg (good stuff)

$166 for 2 gigs ($83 per gig) @ Newegg (generic stuff with good ratings)

$226 for 2 gigs ($113 per gig) @ OWC (good quality)

Ram list on Newegg

Hard drive upgrades: The MacBooks use a 2.5" SATA hard drive. It is user replaceable ; it is located under the laptop. See here for pictures. Seagate and Hitachi are the two primary sources of 2.5" SATA hard drives. 7200rpm drives are available in 60, 80, and 100gb capacities while 5400rpm drives are available in up to 120gb capacities. The Seagate is the quieter drive while the Hitachi is the better-performing drive.

Update: I just called Apple and spoke to a rep, who said that the 7200rpm SATA drives will NOT fit into the MacBook. This is why the faster drives are not offered with the MacBook; it's a size issue, not a heat issue. However, OWC says these drives are compatible, according to their website . I guess we'll find out when they release their MacBook installation videos...

Seagate 80gb 7200rpm @ eWiz for $155
Seagate 100gb 7200rpm @ eWiz for $188 (quietest)
Seagate 120gb 5400rpm @ eWiz for $191

Hitachi 60gb 7200rpm @ eWiz for $111
Hitachi 80gb 7200rpm @ eWiz for $147
Hitachi 100gb 7200rpm @ eWiz for $165 (best performance)

Case Logic (briefcase/carry-case style, 5 models)
Vertical shoulder bag from Booq (MacBook-specific)
Laptop bag from Booq (Fits 13" MacBooks)

8x dual-layer DVD burner @ Newegg for $80 (Pioneer DVR-K06)
* According to Accelerate Your Mac, , the 10.4.6 update makes Pioneer DVR-K06 drive Apple Supported
** Apple stores will not install this for you, I just checked. I'm sure you can kiss your warranty goodbye if want to install a faster DVDr.
Bluetooth mouse (non-Apple)
Logitech wireless laser notebook mouse
Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste @ eWiz for $5 (small tube)
* Big tube is available for $10
MacBook cloth screen protector (cleaning kit also available)


Black MacBook
Closer photos of the black MacBook
More black MacBook (scroll down)
Even more black MacBook @ Flickr
All photos with the 'MacBook' tag @ Flickr
Badgers, mushroom, snake
White MacBook
White MacBook & Guts (only a few)
Apple PR photos
Apple's MacBook Gallery (with QVTR 360)
White MacBook disassembly photos
More white MacBook @ C|NET (click #'d links @ top)
White MacBook next to a 15.4" MacBook Pro
White MacBook next to a 12" PowerBook
White MacBook gutted
More white MacBook disassembly

First look @ MacWorld (white)
Hands on @ PC World (black)
Hands on @ Engadget (black and white)
Gaming on the Intel GMA950 (actually a Mac Mini article, but the MacBook has the same video card)
Benchmarks @ Geek Patrol
Glossy screen review @ ARS' FatBits
C|NET video review (white)
Stuff Magazine review (black)
MacInTouch reader reviews

Bad news:
Black skin flakes off (closeup)
MacBook whine reported @ Something Awful forums

Temperature monitoring software (free)
Faronic's Power Save Mac ($10, controls startup/shutdown/restart/logout)

Miscellaneous links:
MacBook at Apple
Tech specs
Support page from Apple
User Guide (PDF)
MacBook Discussion Forum at Apple
600+ MacBook widescreen wallpapers
Wikipedia MacBook entry
MacBookResQ (upgrade & repair services)
MacBook vs. MacBook Pro comparison chart

-Glossy screen
-Available in black or white
-64mb GMA950 integrated graphics
-iSight built-in (wifi, bluetooth, etc. too)
-Max 6 hour battery life (3.5 with wifi on, 2.5 watching a DVD)
-No keyboard backlight (small thing)
-No expansion ports (ExpressCard or PCMCIA)
-2-button feature: Activate in mouse prefs; enables 2 fingers on the trackpad plus a click to equal a right-click (not tested by me yet)
-AppleCare is a good thing for laptops. You can purchase AppleCare anytime during the first year of owning your laptop; many people wait until the last month of the first year to purchase it, thus extending their warranty coverage by an extra year (1st year + 3 years vs. 1st year including 3 years)
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