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Yeah... because Boot Camp would allow you to either boot OS X or Windows XP. However if you wished to change between operating systems you'd have to restart, as a Dual-Boot program basicly just gives you the option of booting either OS.

However, when running Windows you would be RUNNING windows. So it will still all of it's flaws and bugs. You'd just have part of your HDD partitioned, split into two HDD (in the computers mind but not literally) one with Windows system files on it and one with OS X system files on it. The Dual-Booter will just ask you which partition you want to boot, and when you selection ti'll boot from that partition running whatever system is on that partition.

So, yeah it'd be compatable because you'd be running windows. However you'd have to be in Windows to use the programs. It's like having two computers in one... because you basicly have two OS using the same computer but you can only use one at a time.
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