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Originally Posted by -e-
hmmm ok thanks
but if i uploaded everything properly, like with the original cds or whatever, would a macbook pro work with all pc and mac software, or does it need special duel platform stuff?
I guess to make this short and sweet... if it installs 99% chance you need another version of it for Mac. So PC software will run on a PC, and Mac software will run on a Mac. Hardware is generally interchangable, if there are Mac drivers made for it (like printers/cameras/scanners) but any program you bought for Windows you'll not be able to pop in that same exact disk and install it on your Mac.

The program is not scritped for Macs, it's scripted for Windows. Two totally different languages. You'll be surprised how easy it is to install something on a Mac. You don't have to go through near as much crap as you do with a PC.

As I said, you can get Boot Camp and dual-boot (select which OS you want to use at start up) Windows on an IntelMac. However, you'll have to buy Windows because it's not coming with the Mac. Otherwise, maybe call up some people and see if you can sacrafice your Windows copy and keep the license just transfer it over to a Mac version. I have heard of it being done before.
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