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Sadly no, jumping over to Mac would force you to buy, or find some way, to get your programs all over again. However the files you have will most likely work, I would say they will work but just to cover my butt here I say "most likely", with both versions. So if you have Microsoft Office on Windows and you have a word document you could transfer it over to Mac and if you have Microsoft office for Mac it'll be able to read it. However due to the difference in the script of the systems, and that Mac is a Unix based system (ok that's pretty much the same reason), a Windows program will not be able to install on a Mac simply because programs "install" differently on each system.

So generally the files, not the programs, would be fully transportable. The programs you'll have to find or buy again. However with the Intel Macs it is possible to dual boot Windows using Boot Camp but that takes all the fun out of a Mac. It's useful if you MUST have it, but sorta worthless other wise.

Just to tag this on, I've pretty much heard of free things for Macs that will let you watch/listen/read any type of file you'd usually do the same with on a PC. Like .mpg/.mp3/.pdf for example. However I do not personally, sadly, own a Mac myself... -yet-.

Also, if rumors are true (possible...) the last Powerbook may just be discontinued THIS WEEK along with the iBooks.
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