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disclaimer: I'm new to Macs too so take my opinions for what they're worth and I'm sure that someone else here will have alot more to say and possibly correct me...that being said...

I had been thinking about getting a Mac for years but everytime I came around to getting a new computer I always opted for a PC because I wasn't ready to switch and I had already invested money into Windows software (mostly because of MS Office). Another thing I had to think about was the fact that I live in an apt. so I didn't have a lot of space. Why am I saying this? Well, once Apple released boot camp, they made up my mind for me. Now I only needed one computer and I could have the best of both worlds...but only macs with the intel chips can do this. So I would say that you should opt for the Macbook so that you can run all the Mac software you need for school, but then boot to windows when you need to.
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