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wow, first post!
righto, so i'm a second year media and communications student, and have been a pc user all my life. trouble is of course, macs are the industry standard so all we use at uni is macs, and i'm getting tired of differences in software, having to reformat files so they're compatible etc. so i've been thinking of investing in a mac laptop, was looking specifically at the powerbooks. i had a quick chat with a friendly employee at the apple store, who strongly recommended the macbook pro. now i don't know a whole lot about it, but from what i've heard, it's ridiculously fast and has the intel duo core, but as such, there's not much software for it - everything's either for pcs or macs, and there's very little for both ie. macbook pro. is that right?
i also heard there are new powerbooks coming out. anyone know anything about that? what would they have over the g4s?

being a good for nothing student, i'm trying to get value for money... so what makes the macbook pros so good?

cheers guys, sorry for being an ignorant newbie!
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