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kaidomac is just really nicekaidomac is just really nicekaidomac is just really nicekaidomac is just really nice
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jgohlke, I hear you loud and clear. A few things to point out first, though: your old Gateway probably had software designed for it at the time, such as Word 97 (Word 97 runs wicked fast on my 2ghz Athlon!). As was pointed out, Office isn't a Universal Binary yet. I bought it for my wife's iMac and I know what you mean about "underwhelmed". I use Adobe CS and Office a lot in my work and I'm way too hesitant about completely switching based on current performance. Office not only takes forever to load on my wife's 2ghz Core Duo, but it's also slow in typing to boot. I know what you mean!

I think what Apple means about "intuitive" is "intuitive for computer geeks". It's still too complex for, say, my grandma to pick up without my tutoring. Personally I love the concept of OS X, having a strong Windows background with some Linux mixed in there, but I'm not ready to make a full switch yet either. I almost gave in and bought a MacBook Pro today, but I got hit with sticker shock: $2,600 for a top-end 15.4" laptop WITH my student discount. The PC I've been planning on building totals about $1,600 and whips the MacBook Pro performance-wise. For me, now is not the right time to make a full switch, especially with the UB transition that is currently happening.

Are you planning on sticking it out with a Mac or are you going to jump back into the PC world? I think as time progresses you'll find that you like OS X more and more, especially as more Universal software is released. At first I was just playing with OS X on my old G4 Cube, then it annoyed me, and now it's growing on me. I'm still much faster in Windows and know the ins and outs much better, but I can see myself becoming immersed in OS X within a year or two. Hey, if it doesn't work out, shoot me a PM and we'll talk PC shop
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