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Originally Posted by jgohlke
For what it's worth, I'm no fan of Microsoft. I've been the family SysAdm for 10+ years...managing a home network with up to 6 PC's (at one time, running 4 different Windows OS's). Now that's frustration...I have lots of stories about how Microsoft has sucked aways hours (days!) of my life...suffice to say we were ready for a change.
That usually is what makes people do the step toward OS X. I can assure you that, since I started trouble shooting OS X I realised how much time of my life I wasted before.
Mac OS X isn't perfect, not bug- or trouble-free, and actually I'm glad about it as troubleshooting is quite a huge part of my job. :cool:
Just like you, I've worked with many OSes, and I think OS X simply is the best compromise. It has the stability and solidness of UNIX, an easy to use GUI, even for unexperienced people, no virus/adware/spyware troubles (yet), relatively easy to troubleshoot...and it looks great. :cool:
But that's just my personal opinion.

And what I really noticed is that people I know that use Windows constantly complain about it, while the Mac users I know never really complain about OS X...and that means a lot, as most of all them are average users, not computer specialists or Apple fanboys.

A very good book I would like to suggest you is "OS X - the missing manual" from O'Reilly...easy to read, and very helpfull.
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