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I've read about Rosetta and figured that was the deal with MS Office. It's interesting that MS Office for Mac's has long suffered from performance issues. It's too bad, it's really nice on the Mac.

It's true we are very used to Windows. Maybe "intuitive" isn't the correct word, but I've adapted to several versions of Windows (started on DOS), have learned Unix (several flavors including Linux), the Solaris GUI and have played with the Linux's not like I only know one OS GUI. I have managed to find my way around the other ones, but the Max OS is just very different. When I want to find something I look in the "obvious" places....and after I have looked where I thought it would be and it's not there...I think to myself "Hey, the Mac OS isn't as intuitive as I've heard." Just recently I was trying to reset my password, which I couldn't figure out, so I figured I would just use the Unix commands, but then I couldn't figure out how to start a command (terminal) window. I did eventually figure out how to do it, it just wasn't where I looked 1st or 2nd or 3rd....It's just an example.

MS Money isn't available for the Mac. We had to switch to Quicken. Not specifically a fault of the iMac, just more transition grief.

We have kind of figured it's going to be a combination of things...we are retraining ourselves (from Windows to Mac), we're learning new software (sometimes brand new to us, sometimes the functional equivalent of an app not available on the mac) and we're using familar software that doesn't seem to work as well (peformance-wise). Eventually, we'll probably be ok. We don't plan to take the iMac back, but at this point, we wouldn't buy another one.

I guess I was expecting a "Wow!" moment....and it hasn't happened (and doesn't seem too likely at this point). It's not a bad machine, it's just not that great. I don't see what all the fuss is about. It's cool looking and it has a nice screen...but that's not much of a recommendation for a computer.

For what it's worth, I'm no fan of Microsoft. I've been the family SysAdm for 10+ years...managing a home network with up to 6 PC's (at one time, running 4 different Windows OS's). Now that's frustration...I have lots of stories about how Microsoft has sucked aways hours (days!) of my life...suffice to say we were ready for a change.
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