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Originally Posted by jgohlke
"Yeah, the new iMacs are really slow"
That just simply isn't the case. In your "head-to-head competition" you didn't describe much what you did. The Windows interface can be snapier, that's true, nevertheless, unlike on any Windows PC I've worked with (from Windows 3.11 to Windows XP) having multiple apps open in OS X never really slows down the whole computer to the point of being non-responding for several seconds.
About OS X being intuitive, the problem is that many people, like you, are used to the Windows-way of coing things, thus this has become natural. The Mac OS, however is and always has been different, in a way that it is in fact more intuitive.
I mean, what's more intuitive, having to copy-paste a file from one folder to another, or to drag it to where I want to?
Once you get used to stuff like that, you'll see how much less getting-used-to is needed to use OS X than Windows. The problem here is simply the old Windows habits.

Originally Posted by jgohlke
"Hey, the iMac is a screamer, something must be wrong with yours"
Without more details, we can't really judge if something's wrong or not. And "screamer" is a very subjective definition of performance. :cool:

Originally Posted by jgohlke
"It should be faster but it is hampered by the software not yet supporting the new Intel chip...this may get better as time goes on"
This is, unfortunately, true. The transition from the PowerPC to the Intel architecture is still ongoing, there are still many applications that are not Intel.native, and therefore run under the Rosetta code translator. That does, of course, have a big impact on performance.
Now about your MS Word example, my experience is that, with Word, when you type, there is indeed a lag sometimes...but that lag actually ALWAYS happens, no matter if it's an old 450MHz G4 or the fastest Mac ever, the Quad G5. It is an issue of MS Office, an issue that has always been there, and sometimes makes me wonder if it has been deliberately "implemented" in the Mac version of Office, or if the Mac developpers at MS are just as slugish as those that developped the Windows code.

I know both worlds, and Windows does have it's benefits. Unfortunately, there are much more things that annoy me on a Windows system than on OS X, and this is even with leaving aside the whole virus/adware/spyware stuff.
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