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Originally Posted by jgohlke
I can even outtype the iMac using MS Word. It's like being on dialup...
Well I can at least help you on this point.....

Assuming you're using one of the new Intel iMacs, there is very good reason for this and I experience the exact same issue.

Due to the fact that Apple are in the process of moving to Intel Chips, not all programs are natively running on those chips yet. Developers are slowly/quickly (depending on your perspective) moving towards Universal Binaries. To be fair there are a LOT of Universal Binaries out already, in fact maybe most programs are UB now, I couldn't say for sure.

Either way MS Office (Inc Word) IS NOT Universal Binary yet.
No idea when the upgrade will come out either, but this perfectly explains the typing issue (in Word). Because it is still a PowerPC app it uses a background emulator called 'Rosetta' to run on your Intel machine. Naturally this makes it quite a lot slower.
As I said I experience the same issue, but then again I use a WP called 'Mellel' a lot more than Word now.

This may also explain a lot of your other issues surrounding slowness. As I said most Apps tend to be Universal Binary now but you do need to update/download the updates as they become updated too.

In general I find the Intel iMacs lightening fast and at least as fast as the PC which my iMac replaced. That PC was 4ghz with 2gigs of RAM and 2 AGP cards So from my POV, the iMacs are very fast.

Good luck with everything
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