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I'm running two 'standard' WD Caviar 160GB drives, ATA/133 spec through a Sonnet Tempo ATA133 RAID card. I'm using striped RAID for the extra speed boost, well massive speed boost it gives. I could potentially use mirroring but I have chosen speed over backup, and I do a weekly backup anyway. It's an internal PCI card which can also operate as a standard ATA133 card.

For those unaware:

RAID 0 is Striped RAID, essentially two drives working in tandem. The Mac says, I want some info, it goes to the RAID controller card and it tells the two drives to get certain parts of the file, the drives get the info and pass it back to the controller, it stitches it together and sends it down to the Mac. Most drives cannot sustain a transfer of 66MB/s let alone get up to 100MB/s or 133MB/s (ATA100/133) nor SATA150/300. Two drives working together does not double the speed but it gets close. has a number of good articles. On a RAID 0 (Striped RAID)—if one drive fails, data is lost on both hard drives.

RAID 1 or Mirroring is where you are running two drives off the RAID controller that mirror each other, there is no speed benefit but the peace of mind that should one drive fail, you can remove it, plonk in a new drive and it will automatically copy over, giving you some backup security.

I'm not aware of any RAID cards for Firewire or USB2. The only ones I know are PCI/PCI-X/PCI-E cards.

In terms of cost:

2 x 160GB WD Drives = £100
RAID Controller card (PCI, you will need a PCI-Express card since yours is a new PowerMac G5 Dual Core) = £70.

£170 all told, lots of space and very fast too.

Not too bad really.

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