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Originally Posted by simongarfunk
Basically you have to sacrifice complete web compatibility for stability, until webmasters/designers start making websites both windows and mac compatible.

jimbo :batman:

Jimbo, I agree but sadly I don't think that''s going to happen anytime soon. Perhaps at the personal website level people will use tools that are cross-platform compatible; the creation of bootcamp is a tacit acknowledgement of the unique capabilities of both -- and more importantly, the strategic need to acknowledge "the other" in a way that saves face.

More people use Linux than Mac. More people have dualboot Linux/Windows boxes than Mac. Now, if Mac comes closer to Linux, than voila! the problem minimizes... this might be a direction underway. So, if you're asking a commercial site who they will build their site for, you would get Windows and Linux. Not Mac, not for the 5%.

Mac is a niche market, and I'm proud to have just joined it. I'm no "switcher," I'm an "incrementer" who has added a Mac Mini to ny home network. Ultimately, corporations are dumping money into Linux the way they did in Unix years ago x 100, so Mac remains with it's small share, perhaps slightly diminished, and Linux and Windows duke it out for marketshare. I've spent 20 years managing in corporate IT, and I know what the spend is like.

Let me put it in the terms we used. Of a $60 million IT budget, we allocated $300 for Mac products. That was a memory upgrade for some sort of Mac or other we use to determine how compatible our globe-spanning websites will be to various platforms. Once we determine what works and what doesn't on the Mac, we post it on the site FAQ. We don't change the web code.

But again, I'm a proud owner having mine for less than a week but geeked on it for like 40 hours already. The only unfortunate parts of my Mac so far are:

+ only a few good Texas Hold'em sites... not very fond of Full Tilt. Like PokerChamps

+ need good video-grabbing hardware, something so I can plug my DirecTV unit into and allow me to view on the desktop or fullscreen. Preferably HiDef connections.

The latter item DOES exist for Windows.
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