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as the title states, i want to replace the 160gig standard drive with a Western Digital Raptor 36gig drive. i know its a drop in size but i am soon to be sorting out 1TB of external storage. what i would like to know is:

First off, can it be done? i assume it is just a case of swapping the 2 drives and installing OSX on the new 1?

Secondly, will i benefit from the increased speed of the Raptor drive, as its one of the only SATA drives that have an increased spin speed of 10,000 RPM (at least it used to be)

the raptor is in my old windows based machine and as thats now unused and i certainly dont need 160gig of space with 1TB of external space i want to bung the raptor in, although if i wont make use of the speed of the drive then i may reconsider.

Any advise would be appreciated

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