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Hi all,

it's my first post so play nice

I've Been lucky enough to be given a B&W G3 (yosemite) but it was missing it's power supply. i've tried to use an ATX power supply, as seen here , but it doesn't boot. it does do the following:

PSU fan starts
Hard drive spins up
Six LED's on the motherboard light up:
DS4 + DS5

Also the main case fan appears to be unplugged. it doesn't spin and the lead is unattached to anything. i can't find a connector on the motherboard to plug it into.

I'd be really grateful for any assistance or just some links to more in depth pictures, diagrams, blueprints, spec sheets, etc. i've had a look at apple's developer notes but they don't really go into specifics. I've also tried googling around a bit but i must confess to feeling a bit lost as to where to start.

again, thanks in advance for any help


edited to add:

I also tried holding down the reset switch next to the internal 'power on' button by DS8
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