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how are you supposed to type the right brackets, the accolades, and the vertical stripe on a powerbook keyboard ?
i don't see these symbols anywhere on the keyboard, and i have tried a lot of key combo's, with some succes
these i can find (respectively alt/option + round bracket key and shift + alt/option + round bracket key)
but the vertical stripe, i cant find it
so i was wondering if it is possible to input a character via it's ascii value, like on a windows pc: you hold down the alt gr key and enter the ascii value, release the alt gr key and out pops your character
but i can't find it on a mac

i need these characters when i start programming in Java (or any language for that matter), my university course is starting next week, so i don't wanna look a fool, with my super laptop, but a few missing keys

thx a lot
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