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Not wishing to duplicate what others have said... Apache is the default web server for Mac OS X. It's version 1.3, but you can upgrade it to Apache 2.0 if you want. As for PHP and MySQLit's all available for the Mac and easy to setup.

TextWrangler is a nice text editor with syntax highlighting for a nuber of coding languages too.

Mac OS X is indeed built on UNIX, it sits on top of the MACH microkernel, and on top of that you have Apple's own BSD distro called Darwin (it's never called that when related to Mac OS X, but Darwin is Apple's opensource BSD spin off thing) which is based on FreeBSD. On top of that you have all the other APIs including Carbon and Cocoa which provide the Aqua user interface, with the Finder being Apple's proprietary window server. X11 can also be installed for apps that use X11 as their window server such as, GIMP, FontForge etc.

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