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Hey MacSoon...

I just switched this past week. Well, not exactly switched, but "incremented" to include a Mac Mini. I'm using it in my home theatre setup replacing a really old crappy Win-based laptop that had the screen blow out a few years back.

The mini (I got the duo core) is a fascinating little box. I've spent probably 30 hours with it over the last few days, and find it enjoyable to use although I'm interface-challenged from my windows life.

I find some of the OSX apps to be kind of lame, but that's true for both platforms... it's just that there's so much more software for windows that you blow by all the stupid stuff. With a Mac, there's much less software so the stupid stuff sort of stands out.

One recommendation, I highly recommend Macaroni... available at Last night, it found a way to free up 3Gb of space.

My advice for your word processing/spreadsheet is to buy Microsoft's for Mac... it will give you the highest industry compatability. It's not cheap, but isn't for windows either (Last time i checked on windows it was around $350).

MySQL is available as well, so you would be in luck there coupled with Apache.

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