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Originally Posted by baggss
When you boot to OS8, the HDD with X may mount on the desktop. Simply drag the drive icon to the tash can and it will "unmount". This will not cause any damage to the drive, it will simply not be recognized by 8 until you either remount it or reboot 8.

Confusing - But I think I got it. Good point. I will watch for this symptom you describe in case it happens to me. Thanks for this clarification. I will keep this post of yours as a reference in case this happens so I know what to do - to drag the drive icon to the trash to unmount. Basically I thought OSX had a way to easily choose the startup disk in the perferences and I never thought there was any problem going from OSX to 8.6. But as you wrote, this problem might occur and so I'll be ready. Thanks!

The main problem I thought was going from 8.6 back to X (and the solution for that I listed in my original post.)

Really appreciate your help today!

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