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Let me just say that firstly, I am a Microsoft developer and have been using Windows since 1.1 I use XP on my laptop for .NET development. I also had an HP PC which I also used for development. It finally got old and tired, so I decided to get a new machine. At the same time, I started following Boot Camp progress and decided I'd take the plunge. The idea being that if I couldn't use OSX for whatever reason, I could always use XP on my nice new hardware and 20 inch display. Not much risk.

I absolutely love this iMac and it's the first experience I've had with Macs. It seems superior in just about every way to XP and Win2k. Things work well, things are intuitive, things are responsive, and things are absolutely beautiful to look at! I could never play World of Warcraft on another machine, for I am spoiled now

I did install boot camp and XP on a 60gb partition. It couldn't have been easier to get boot camp going. Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server, etc all work just fine on XP on my Macintel. Honestly though, I mainly use my laptop even though its a bit slower for .NET development. I'd rather use a slower machine than boot into XP and forgoe all my great Mac apps like Mail and iCal and Adium.

The learning curve has been pretty minimal. I can install apps just as fast as I can using a wizard on XP. It takes a little getting used to the fact there's no registry, and I can just drop application files wherever I like. I've also started playing around with REALBasic which I'm pretty impressed with - unfortunately I couldn't find a Universal version of it so it's a bit slow. Hopefully they'll update it soon.

I just ran across these forums and they look like a great resource!

Cheers! - Keith
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