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Originally Posted by dtravis7
As far as Photos, iPhoto comes with any new Mac you purchase as part of the iLife Suite. There is all the Adobe stuff that is on the PC and yes, Adobe was first out on the early Macs back in the mid 80's.

I will leave a some of the PHP and MySQL to someone who has worked with them on the Mac, but Apache comes with OSX. There are quite a few Web desiners here who can help you with the other part of your question.

Of course the iPod works with OSX as well as most any Camera, Scanner or Printer. As far as PDA's and syncing, there are many that work. I have an iPaq and it works fine as long as you get one of at least two after market apps. I can sync it with everything just like on the PC. I will leave the recomendation of a good PIM to some one else. I just use a basic Nokia phone and not with any of my computers.

For Word Processing and Spreadsheets, ETC, you can get Microsoft Office for the Mac, Open Office from Sun for FREE, Neo Office which is a port of Open Office but more like an OSX Application, Apples own iWork is very nice but still needs a Spreadsheet, but Word Processing and Presentations are included and are compatible with Office. There are others but those are the Major players.

For all you want to do, I am sure you will be able to find what you need for the Mac and OSX.

Hope this helps you out somewhat.
To what program does your iPAQ sync to? I have Entourage and would like to sync my Pocket PC to that....
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