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Hi there

I am currently lurking into a world without windows and gates

I have a few questions (mainly regarding software alternatives) ... maybe someone can enlighten me and make my decision easier

Here is what I want to do with a mac:

Digital Photo manipulation and management (more than 50.000 Images) - Seems no Problem, as Adobe Software exists on Mac (or even originates from it ?

Programming: Lot's of Web-Programming (Mainly PHP and Java). I also need a database, web-server and IDE. As I understand, Mac OS X is "somehow" based on unix. Anyone knows if PHP / Apache / mySQL will work under Mac OS X. Any good recomendations for a nice IDE (no WYSIWYG - just a plain text coding tool with some goodies like Syntax Highlighting)

Mobile Devices / Sync : I believe, that iPod will work with a Mac How about cell phones and synchonisation of Calendar, Contacts and Tasks. Any recommendations for a good and full featured PIM on Mac OS X ? I currently own a Nokia N90.

Finally ... I believe that there are enough alternatives for Office (Word-Processing, Spreadsheet) ... but which ones ... aside from Star-Office?


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