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I will be running OS 10.4 Tiger on my G3 on my main 250 GIG drive. For certain reasons I am also considering installing OS 8.6 on one of my other smaller hard drives on this same computer. Could this cause problems?

If I understand this correctly, OS 9.2 is the safest way to use Classic Applications if used in conjunction with OSX. However, by using OS 8.6 on the same computer as OSX, I might be damaging some of my OSX files. I hope I am wrong about this and that is why I am posting this question to see if it would be safe for me to attempt this combination of OS 8.6 with Tiger. I no not need OS 8.6 to run in classic. I will separately re-boot. (only OS9 runs in classic - not 8). Thats OK with me because I found classic emulation to always be so slow.

I also read this interesting opinion about Repairing Permissions [1] and I am concerned that it may not be safe for me to install OS 8.6 on my OSX installed computer due to a "permission" conflict between OS 8 and OS X. (OS 9.2 would be much more compatible.)


Could someone please verify this? I would hope that this might work because I would like to be able to run a few older applications in 8.6 occasionally.

Here are some other points from an Apple discussion forum about this issue at which point we never came to any definitive answer whether running OS 8.6 on the same computer was a wise idea or not:

"Under no circumstances should you use any disk repair utility on a Tiger drive except those that "know" about Tiger's file structure. This rules out using Disk First Aid from either OS 8 or OS 9, or any OS 8 or 9 third party utilities. Also don't use OS 8's 'rebuild desktop' function.

"Repairing permissions with Disk Utility in OS X won't touch user-created files. It only repairs things that have a receipt file, which are created by installers."

My concern is if, for example, I create a JPEG image file in Tiger and then after re-booting into OS 8.6 and using Photoshop 6 to edit this same JPEG image file, would this damage the permission settings of the JPEG file or cause other file management problems for Tiger?
Could working in OS 8.6, mix up Tiger's file system? (I would only use 8.6 for Photoshop 6 and illustrator 8 files and some text files.)
Would it be necessary for me to Repair Permissions every time I booted back into Tiger after using OS 8.6?
That would be time consuming wouldn't it? How long does the Repair Permissions process usually take? And would it be guaranteed to be able to fix all possible file management problems that OS 8.6 might cause?

PS I have already figured out a way to boot back and forth between the two systems. This was also a challenge to figure out because OS 8.6 startup disk doesn't recognize OSX. There are two solutions: install the startup disk feature from OS9 - surprisingly this is supposed to work in 8.6 too contrary to what it reads on the apple site. The other solution is to drag the finder out of the 8.6 system folder when you need to re-boot into 10. I am sure one of those solutions might work. ANother 3rd solution that doesn't apply to me because I am using 2 different disks, is to boot up holding down the "x" key if both OSes are on the same volume (which they are not in my case).

Thanks for any comments about attempting to run 8.6 on a mac with OSX and if there are any dangers to damaging data.

Thank you,
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