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Originally Posted by playm0de
Ok I have a theory. I havent noticed the shake since before the painters were in my room. They moved my desk (WITH COMPUTER ON IT!!) about a foot from the wall. I wasnt home so I dont know what my mom was thinking. I honestly dont knpow how they moved it but I figured out the problem is where the metal base connects to the panel. Typing causes it to shake, and when I adjust the screen angle a ever so slight scraping noise is present which I dont think was there before. Im seriously pissed cuz I put all my money into this computer and now it is slightly shaking even from something like typing. I have not noticed this before in the 2 months ive had the iMac and it backs up my theory that the painters did this since I just noticed it after they came. Im planning on telling my dad but he'll probably think Im overexaggerating.
Can you see any scratches on the housing that haven't been there before? Because my guess would be that the painters made it fall somehow, and just put it back, as if nothing had happened. I don't see any other possibility how it could have happened otherwise...

You need a new cleaning lady... :cool:
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