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I am a college student and I have an iBook and from my perspective, the iBook is the perfect computer for me. For what you mentioned you would like to do, the iBook will have plenty of power (and a better battery life than the MBP). I do pretty much exactly what you described you want to do (web, chat, casual video/photo editing, watching DVD's, and word processing) and I've never been disappointed in performance. Also, as a student, money is tight - so getting an iBook definitely helped me out in that area (though I do recommend spending the $$ upgrading the RAM up to at least 1GB)

So coming from virtually the same position as you, I would say go for the iBook. I haven't been disappointed and I don't think you will either. Sure, there are newer/more powerful computers out there, but for what you need, the iBook is perfect.

- Z

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