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Well I need the laptop before July, because I'm going to Paris to take some classes, and I would like to be able to do homework in my dorm room, which has wireless internet. Plus.... it's an 8 hour flight.

But I want one now.

The general consensus seems to be to get the "14 iBook, and then pimp out the RAM and hard drive. I want the Macbook SO bad. I really do. But the price is pretty steep. I know it's superior, and probably worth every penny, but it just seems like too much to spend on a secondary computer for me. Plus, I actually don't want a large screen.... "14 is great. Bigger machines don't fit on our desks at school very well.

I have also been advised to avoid the apple monthly financing... I don't know how valid that warning is.

I use Macs at school, so I won't hate it. I basicly know my way around, and I assume the applications won't be hard to understand. The price is very tempting for a PC notebook, but I think (hope?) the Mac will have more longevity than a PC, so I'm willing to pay for that. Just not $2500.
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