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Originally Posted by AbsolutCR
I have decided to get either a Mac soon.... I need a laptop, and I've never had a Mac OR a laptop. I've browsed here and read up on the Powerbook and iBook... I'm in college, so I'll only going to be using this machine for word processing, AIM, web browsing, and casual video/photo editing. I just basicly need the portability... I will still have my Windows PC at home.

But I also will probably watch DVDs on it from time to time. Will the extra processing power of the Powerbook really make a big difference, or should I just put that extra $500 to upgrading an iBook with extra memory, etc...?


If time is not an issue--I might would wait and see how the new MacBooks are which I believe should be coming out sometime in the near future (Maybe June?). But if you need to purchase one now--I would suggest purchasing a MacBook Pro. Sure, you can not keep up with technology--but it just does not make sense to purchase an iBook to me--when you have newer/more powerful/efficient technology out there. Plus, if you just HATE the OSX operating system--you can still go back to Windows XP on the MacBook Pro.

Just my opinion,


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