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Oh my.....

Worst PC Problem?
Not sure about that, there have been so many
I've never really had any big problems with hardware so I guess the greatest problem I've ever had in that department was when a northbridge chip fan started giving me problems about 6 months ago. It was a seriously heavy duty machine and I was using it quite a lot at the time, but the fan was making the most horrid noise. So I ended up putting a comb up against it, if I recall correctly. Strange I know, but It just about limited the noise until I replaced it

Software.....I really can't say, there have been so many issues over the years. I mean I started using PCs when I was about 9 and quite heavily too. I also taught myself 95% of what I know about computers per se, so I made my share of mistakes along the way. Formatting of my PCs was a regular occurance But it was all fun and teaching yourself, if you have the time is a great way of learning.
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