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Since about last September, well that's when the first major problems started, it seems Windows has waged some unholy war on me. Lets see here...

HP Laptop:
2 HDD died (original and then replacement 7 months after replacement)
Mutliple heating problems (fans replaced 3+ times)
Finally my laptop wouldn't boot off a CD, nor boot into Windows so it was replaced by Best Buy...

Sony Vaio Desktop:
HDD died
Not exactly sure why, but seems to have some sort of memory problem even though the memory passes Memtest86 easy. Just runs slower than all **** out of the blue.

Sony Vaio Desktop (parents):
Some one hacked this one, so atleast it makes sense. However, there was an error which kept popping up even after a reformat. I ran Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus in safe mode which cured the problem, even though the A/V and A/S found NOTHING.

9 year old custom comp:
"Primary Master Hard Disk Fail"
I took out the HDD and threw it in my Vaio as a secondary drive, works perfectly fine. I have no clue why in the **** this computer wouldn't work.

5 year old comp friend gave me:
After a week my friend gives it to me it starts beeping. The mother board is dying...

Ok... so my laptop didn't even last 2 years, my desktop is 5 years old and my parents desktop is 3. Continueing on...

Sony Vaio Laptop (2 weeks old):
Over the last week it has been booting up slower and slower, often pointing to a dying HDD. Over night it goes from taking maybe 50 seconds to boot, which was way longer that the prior week, to 7 minutes. WTF?

Just for the record, out of my computers the only ones who ever took more than 50 seconds to boot was the 9 year old computer and this old 95' computer I have which takes near 20 minutes to boot now a days. Poor thing hasn't been turned on in years though.
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