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I'm not sure how to explain this so please bear with me ok?

I've been connecting to the internet using my ethernet cable, with no problems, I just plugged my imac in and she took care of te rest basically.
But on weekends a friend of mine comes and needs to plug his laptop to the net and he can only use the ethernet connection, so I end up unplugging my cable and letting him use it.

My DSL modem can be used by two computers at the same time but it can only accommodate one using the ethernet connection and the other one has to connect using a usb cable. I plugged the usb cable to the mac and tried to find how to set the imac to connect using it, but I've been unable to find how to do it.

Anyone know how I can set her to use the usb connection instead of the ethernet. Something I can change back after the weekend?

*sigh* I hate friends... :rolleyes:
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