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kaidomac is just really nicekaidomac is just really nicekaidomac is just really nicekaidomac is just really nice
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The first two computers I ever built had problems right off the bat, so I took them in to get fixed and ended up with a repair bill for $498. At the time I had just graduated high school and $500 was about how much I made in an entire year; I got a job specifically to buy the parts for my own computer and worked hard for 6 months to get it (built one for me and one for my dad as a gift).

I vowed never ever to take my computers to a computer repair store again and so I learned computer hardware inside and out. It wasn't funny then but it's sure funny now; I actually just found that receipt the other day while moving. It still makes me cringe! I chipped the core on my Duron processor and fried the motherboard on my Athlon system with static. I am now a PC master, can build and repair anything under the sun, and own a Mac. Go figure :p
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