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Hi all,

I want to start off by saying that I love Apple’s approach to the computer. There OS and hardware are light years ahead of the Windows and PC solution… in most cases.

However, I use a PC and Excel for financial modeling and spent an afternoon at BestBuy with an Apple rep and came to the conclusion that I could not use the Mac for hardcore financial modeling.

Here was the issue; those of us that do a lot of financial modeling have all the drop down menus memorized. I am not talking about the short-cut key strokes (ctrl+key), but the following: Alt > E > D > R > Enter to get the Edit drop down menu, Delete option, Row Delete. Basically in the PC version you can access the entire drop down menu in this way. As was explain to me be the Apple rep, only the short-cut strokes are available (more can be programmed) and one could not access the drop down menus in the way the PC does.

This may sound like a minor sticking point but when it comes to Financial Modeling you don’t have time to use the mouse a much as the casual user. It seems that MS screwed Mac users when it comes to Excel.

So here is my question, was the Apple rep incorrect or is a Mac not a feasible option for my needs?