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kaidomac is just really nicekaidomac is just really nicekaidomac is just really nicekaidomac is just really nice
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Buy now, don't look back. Next up for release from Intel is the 2.33ghz Core Duos, which isn't a huge leap from the existing 2ghz Core Duo. I can't imaging them stuffing anything else inside the's already got b/g wifi, bluetooth, a big, fat, fast hard drive, dual-core processor, tons of space for ram, beautiful 20" widescreen LCD, USB 2.0 ports, Firewire 400, digital/analog audio, and a nice video card. What else could you want? I got the 20" fully-loaded model for my wife and I'm sure it's going to be good for 5+ years.

I can guarantee you that Steve is going to release faster, newer, and better models. But you'll be waiting forever because as soon as he releases one thing, rumors will start flying about the next new thing, and then you'll be all worried about that. Buy the best system you can afford that meets your needs and don't look at the market after that. Then enjoy your nice shiny new system
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