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Originally Posted by surfwax95
The latter. My desktop is ridiculously over customized and includes a theme (provided by Shapeshifter), multiple desktop pictures (they change every 30 seconds), and custom icons.

It really is limited by the user's imagination and knowledge on customization. A lot of Mac users don't even know about Shapeshifter, Pixadex, Candybar, Deskshade, etc etc etc. There are hundreds of programs out there to let a Mac user customize the way the Mac looks.
ok, well now, that sounds like fun. is all that stuff free?

Once you do that, you can start editing .nib files, .strings, and .plists to make everything look exactly how you want it to.
this sounds like the type of thing i'm interested in. i'm a non-tech person who doesn't have much call for calculating coin toss probabilities, but i still like to tinker, so tweaking the look of my desktop is something i can get excited about.
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