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I'm having a hard time understanding the folder structure in the Mac OS. Maybe this is strictly related to the application, but I'll give it a shot. I'm downloading images from sites onto my computer. I am using iPhoto to maintain and organize them as that seems to be the application installed on my MBP to handle pictures.

The problem is that everytime I 'import' a picture into iPhoto, it creates a folder for EACH picture. That's just ridiculous. At this rate, if I wanted to go through my hard drive and look for a particular photo I'd have to open hundreds of folders or 'rolls' -- as this program is calling it. In addition, this program is storing my picures in the Original folder and a Data folder. They are identical. Why is this information being stored twice on my hard drive?

Is there an option I need to select or preferences I need to tailor that would alleviate this situation. I like to keep things fairly organized....
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