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Ok, I am just oging to put in the time and extra hours at work and save up for the iMac. It will only take a couple of months probably, but I just KNOW those *******s will release the next model the day I buy it lol. I do have a few questions about the 20" iMac with the top specs:

1. 500 GB is a darn big hard drive. How reliable are they? And, how easy is it to make partitions on a Mac?
2. If I install Windows on a partition, will failures on its part affect the OSX or the system?
3. Are the Intel processors for the Mac different than the ones they make for the PC? I know a G5 at a certain speed was equivalent to a Pentium with a higher clock speed. Does that still apply?
4. Is the built-in 20" screen very good for gaming?
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