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Hello! After using a 600mhz G3 ibook at school for a few weeks, i sold off my toshiba laptop and just purchased the 12 800mhz G4 ibook. I got it b/c i was looking at the 12.1inch sony and thought the mac looked better. My question is, (i know it might be hard to) compare the 800 mhz G4 to a 3.0 Ghz P4 (i have an alienware desktop). I'm sure it will be faster than my laptop (1.5 ghz celron) but i'm just wondering if i will notice a huge difference from either my desktop or my old laptop.

I know this is 2 questions but, how hard is to to transfer files over a network from mac to nt? i'm a CCNA and they don't teach you much about cross platforms, if anyone can tell me this is basically what i want to do, beable to transfer files from the mac to pc and visa versa and share a printer (on the pc). Please tell me if this is possible and either the how to, or a website with one if possible

Thanks in advance,
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