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I donít see how Windows can be approved apart from a coat of paint (better looking UI) which is not really necessary as I use My Xp in windows 2000 graphic style and many millions of companies PC's do also.

I donít think most people apart from Mac users care what the OS looks like as long as it does everything they want and XP does.

One thing Windows could improve on is security, but if you have all the updates done, anti virus and a spyware App. I donít think you will have a security problem. You can download all this stuff for free.

People say windows need a better search like Spotlight; well you can get a free MSN desktop search which I find better them spotlight for what it's worth.

I think Microsoftís biggest problem is itís a victim of its own success.
I think apart from some security problems XP has had (which have been fixed) it's pretty much a perfect robust OS. I thinks it does all I require and I have had no problems with it.

As a friend told me, he is not fussed about Vista because as he sees it "what are they going to do but make it look better" Well Not much I suppose apart from security.

Although I think OSX rules I would love a better installation process and a uninstall process as well as better maintenance tools and utilities