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Originally Posted by baggss
I hope that answers your question...
It certainly does

I was pretty much simply interested to hear this debate from the side of a person who has clearly made an educated and well thought through decision in favor of the PPC architecture and pretty much all of what you say, makes perfect sense.

I decided to go for the Intel iMac on the basis that I was A) Prepared to take the risk of the REV A situation and so on and B) Because I am just the kind of person who likes to be at the front of the movements in technology. In that sense, I know the penalties I am likely to pay for that in places, it's just personal preference etc.

But either way, I'd certainly have no issues with buying anything PPC at all. In fact I have been considering a Powerbook when I upgrade from my iBook, but I think I'll wait it out for a Macbook REV B or simply go for the REV A if that isn't out by Christmas (when I'm likely to buy).

Anyway, enjoy your new computer, i'm sure it will be a beast
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