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Originally Posted by baggss

I'm going to be ordering my Quad G5 tomorrow....
Firstly congrats to the original poster, I hope you enjoy your new Mac....The iMacs are great computers, I can assure you of that

Secondly, Baggss....
I know we've seen the PPC/Intel purchase debate a 101 times here now....But seeing as you're about to buy what will be A) A pretty amazing computer and B) A fairly major purchase on the PPC architecture in the form of a QUAD, what are your thoughts on the choice of whether to buy PPC or Intel?
I mean obviously you don't have a choice if you're purely looking at the PowerMac now....But in overall terms of the old PPC Vs Intel debate and Powerbook Vs MBP etc, what made you decide to go for the PPC option still, instead of waiting for a future Intel PowerMac or going for a high end iMac or something?

Just merely wondered and either way, I hope you enjoy your new purchase which is a really amazing computer, full stop
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